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RazorpayBangalore, India
Backend Software development May 2023 - July 2023
AWS, backend, C/C++, CSS, DSA, English, Express, Fast API, Git, Go, good communication, HTML, JavaScript, MERN Stack, Microservices, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, React, REST, SQL, Team Leadership, Workflow management
During my summer internship at Razorpay, I had the privilege of being a valuable member(Software development engineer) of the RISK team within the payments business unit. In this role, I played a crucial part in the identification and mitigation of fraudulent transactions. This experience allowed me to delve into the realm of backend development, where I honed my skills in API development using Golang, particularly leveraging the GORM framework. *Before working on the core projects of my team, I made a project of Library management system in which I wrote all the functionalities and API and functional test cases. Daily tasks: 1. Each day we had a stand-up with team twice a day, where I had to discuss about 3 things: (a)What you have accomplished. (b)What are the blockages you were facing. (c)What are the future targets. 2. Each day I had to complete the committed task and push into the git and having them reviewed and resolving the comments. Atlast I closed each and every task that was assigned to me and my feedback was really positive. I developed couple of API's there contributing to the services of my team. Accomplishments: 1. Spearheaded monolith-to-microservices migration, facilitating the development of a dispute reason API to promptly address arising disputes. 2. Developed a solution within the pre-authorization fraud detection service to identify and handle instances of default credentials being added to deceptive blacklists. 3. Created ADD_DEFAULT_LIST_ITEMS API for seamless integration of default list entries, optimizing risk operations 4. Engineered time-saving API for validating rule expressions, optimizing workflow for cross-functional teams including developers, risk ops and product managers. For each of the above accomplishments I have written unit an d functional test cases covering every scenario and corner cases.
Electronics engineering - Bachelor of technology