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DatazipBengaluru, India
Founding Software Engineer February 2023 - Present
AWS, Flask, Python, React, Sass, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript
● Designed and developed a cutting-edge LLM-powered code-gen assistant, enabling automatic chart generation and SQL query execution based on user data. Integrated Weaviate as a vector database to enhance context accuracy and implemented a feedback loop system for continuous improvement. This resulted in an average efficiency improvement of 85%. ● Developed a guided tour feature for sandbox users, offering a comprehensive overview of the application's functionality and guiding users through its key features, improving user onboarding experience and product adoption rate which resulted in a notable 15% increase in user retention, indicating improved user engagement and satisfaction levels. ● Developed comprehensive table-level RBAC functionality on both frontend (ReactJS) and backend (Flask-Python), enabling administrators to grant granular data access permissions to users, ensuring data security and compliance. ● Enhanced the SQL editor by incorporating intelligent suggestions for query writing, integrating DBT suggestions to streamline the process of creating models in DBT, and optimizing user workflow efficiency and productivity. ● Spearheaded the development of a dynamic pricing page, empowering clients to customize their service requirements and obtain real-time cost estimates, enhancing user experience and facilitating business growth. ● Implemented the seamless integration of the Stripe payment gateway, automating monthly client payments for consistent revenue flow, and collaborated across teams to swiftly address payment-related issues, bolstering client trust. ● Designed and implemented interactive charts and dashboards on the company website to transparently display clients' credit usage, fostering informed decision-making and client satisfaction. ● Implemented performance optimizations including lazy loading, image optimization, and minimizing render-blocking resources resulting in a significant increase in Lighthouse scores from an average of 40 to 83 across multiple pages.