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Turbolab Technologies Pvt LtdKochi, India
Software Engineer July 2021 - Present
CSS, GraphQL, JavaScript, React, TypeScript
Boosted overall test coverage for the MetricsCart eCommerce product data insights web application by 35% through adept utilization of React Testing Library, MSW, and Cypress to develop and thoroughly test features. Played a crucial role in the MVP release of the Dashboard generator web application by developing the Create Widgets page and making the visualization section (line chart, bar chart, tables, and more) completely configurable. Improved developer experience and reduced development and CI build times by almost 40% by skillfully migrating the Dashboard generator app from a Create React App setup to Vite, capitalizing on Vite and its ecosystem. Enhanced application code quality, maintainability and scalability by implementing a standardized software architecture inspired by bulletproof-react, Clean code JavaScript GitHub repos, following best practices and design patterns like react hooks and compound components. Additionally, reduced form-related bugs by nearly 10% and type errors by almost 10% through strategic migrations to react-hook-form and zod libraries, and TypeScript enhancements. Demonstrated leadership by assisting colleagues facing technical difficulties via pair-programming and code reviews, providing valuable support, and guidance.
University of MumbaiJun 2014 - May 2017
Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
React - The Complete Guide 2024 (incl. React Router & Redux)
Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller on UdemyJun 2021 - No Expiration