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Work Experience
SDE Intern November 2023 - Present
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React
During my internship at Desi QnA, I am playing a key role in designing and developing a fully responsive webpage for the platform. I focused on ensuring user verification/authentication, addressing challenges related to fake bot registrations. Additionally, I integrated Google's reCAPTCHA seamlessly into the platform, enhancing its security measures. This experience allowed me to gain practical skills in web development and user authentication.
KreditBeeKarnataka, India
Software Engineer Intern January 2023 - June 2023
JavaScript, React, Redux, TypeScript
During my 6-month internship at KreditBee, I had the opportunity to work as a Frontend Developer, where I honed my expertise in building intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. I have successfully resolved critical bugs, ensuring the stability and reliability of the application. I have also contributed on changing and enhancing the codebase of the app. I have also worked with chunk load error which ultimately helps in reducing the loading time of the app. I have mainly worked on React.js, JavaScript & Typescript.
National Institute of Technology, JamshedpurJul 2019 - May 2023
Electronics and Communication - Bachelor's
Problem Solving - Intermediate
HackerRankSep 2023 - No Expiration